Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Story Of A Sign

A video with few words but a powerful message. Its very moving and I dare you not to shed a tear.

Ground Zero

So it's day one for my blog. I doubt they'll be any readers of this, but that's OK. I'm not posting for attention, thought who doesn't love a little attention now and then? This blog is for me, and hopefully someday for everyone else, but for now its like a journal. This is a learning process for me, A diary of all the things I'll soon be learning and all the discovery's I'm soon to find. I also have many interests and obsessions, when something catches my eye I hook onto it. I'm a self motivator and have many goals and dreams that I wish to fulfill, while I know a lot of them will be dropped and new goals will be picked up, really it's all about finding the thing that sparkles in my life, and that's the main goal. So with that all said, why the name Green Tea Seed? OK, OK so currently I've just dove into my newest obsession: Green Tea! Not really "Green Tea" the actual tea part but the flavor, like in ice cream and such. Mainly at this moment the Green Tea Blended Frappuccino at Star Bucks, I've finally learned to love the place. Its all I can think about, I'm craving it like mad right now.The taste is perfect, not too sweet not too bitter, cold and refreshing, I love it! If your like me and prefer a drink that's not overly sweet, then you might like this. Thought I have to say i have indulged in my sweet tooth with a raspberry mocha or white chocolate mocha a couple of times, most of the time I don't really like sweets thought. Right now I'm thinking about finding out how to make one of these delicious treats myself, which means only one thing: its time to surf (if you know what I mean).